27-03-2018 | 2017 - 2018

Arriving on the Azores was (of course) the best arrival that we had on this trip.

Everything started when I woke up, by mistake, one hour early to my watch, but I decided go there. It was 04:00 am, I was looking on starboard side and all of a sudden I heard people screaming my name. Immediately I understood that my father, Miriam’s mother and three other people were on my father’s boat. I didn’t expect that because it was 04:00 am and we were 17 miles away from Faial. However they followed us more than four hours and twenty minutes before we arrived in the harbour they left. Then it was my mother’s turn. She and two other friends went on a small boat to see us and take some pictures.

When we finally arrived I had my family and some friends waiting for me, what was really nice and of course, when I finally hugged them I “let” a tear.

Miriam’s and my parents gave some food to us, so we had a nice breakfast, but I was more distracted with all my family and friends aboard and I gave them a tour around the boat.

After my family and friends left we needed to clean the ship, but I was talking with Carolina, a girl from the previous year of SaS, all the time.

At 15:00 pm we had free time but I didn’t have the normal free time. I went with my parents to sleep at home. It was really nice to be home again after five months and to do what I used to do.