16-10-2016 | 2016 – 2017

Our first official day started with breakfast at 9am. We had bread, eggs, cereals, milk, yoghurt… Then, we had a walk around where our ship is, and the teachers gave us a tour, showed us a some abandoned places that used to produce hand-made ships. While we were in this walk, some students stayed in the ship and prepared our lunch. We ate sandwiches.

We had a little free time, and then the captain, Sam, explained to us safety rules we need to know: what to do if there is a fire, or if a stranger comes in the ship… And we also were divided in small groups and had a tour around the ship, where we were presented very important facts about the ship, like where the oxygen inlets are, where the captain sleeps, where the life rings are, etc.
We had free time again, and then we had dinner. We ate patatos and couscous. Then we had free time, and could do whatever we wanted till we decided to sleep. It was a nice day, we were still getting to know each other, but Regina Maris already feels like home.

(Ellen is our student from Brasil, she met the Regina Maris last year in Tenerife were she was on a international exchange programme)