The arrival day

15-10-2016 | 2016 – 2017

The 15th of October was a big day for all sassers. The day we entered the ship and got to see a lot of the people included in SaS, especially the other sassers, a mix between new and old faces from the first and second selection weekend.

We got to the ship around 3 in the afternoon and started a process of familiarization and installation in Regina Maris. As soon as we stepped in we went through a tour around the ship with stops organized, so we could give our valuables like money, passport, phones, vaccination papers, Christmas and birthday presents and also take a family picture. After all the excitement of being on the ship, for some for the first time, it was the time for goodbyes and then work.

The group was divided in two, and half of us went to arrange the things in their assigned rooms, while the other half went to store the goods (this took a while), we all helped by doing a bit of everything that there was to do like for example the dinner was made by all of us and, even thought it was kind of late, we all did something. It was a day full of big emotions. This is the moment we were all looking for and there are a lot more exciting days like this waiting for us!


(Carolina is one of three students from Horta, Azores who joined School at Sea this year. With a student from Brasil, three from Belgium and two from Germany we have quite an international group this year!)