School at Sea in a presentation

10-04-2016 | 2015 - 2016

“Zondag, 10 april, is je presentatie af”

We were exposed, once again, to a SaS challenge: make a presentation about the past six months.

We’ve lived with this group for six months now, with really happy, funny, special and unique moments. I learned so much during School at Sea that it is actually hard for me to put it into words.  I had to think for long days about what to put on this presentation – how can I actually explain to the ones that didn’t experience the huge adventure that the past six months were? How can I show the emotions, mixed feelings, the beautiful places, the skies full of stars, the happy moments, the watches, the crazy school days. How can I write about what I only felt?

One of my goals is to share with others the SAS experience and I can only do that overcoming the challenge of the presentation. So, I’ll try:

In the very first day of School at Sea I was really scared. It was a huge change in my life, everything changed 180 degrees and I wasn’t aware that the change would be that huge. I still have, in the first page of my diary, a small text from Floor, that was, in that time, one of my roommates: “Don’t worry, everything is going to be ok. Stay positive, I’m sure we’re going to get through this together.” And we did, we got through this all together.

School at Sea was nothing like a six months holidays – we worked hard, laughed, but also cried, had happy moments, but also had some frustrations. Of course there are things on board that I don’t agree with but even those aspects of life in the Regina Maris made me learn so much. I learned a lot about standing up for my ideas and believes and that made me a more positive and happy person.

We learned about sailing, different cultures and different ideas, while working in our own school work. We crossed two times the huge Atlantic Ocean, went from amazing blue sunny skies, to strong storm moments. We had to discuss, as a group, really hard subjects. We met different people and start accepting different ideas. We did it!

The big, emotional, goodbye/hi day that everyone awaits with a certain amount of insecurity is coming closer and we are all getting ready to drown in the sea of emotions that this day carries. We are sailing towards the 16th of April and every mile that we overcame I become more and more grateful for having had the chance to do this. I become more and more grateful for having had all the laughs and tears. I become more and more grateful for having had School at Sea in my life and for being sure that it will stay with me forever.