Not as planned

23-01-2018 | 2017 - 2018

One more day of our own journey. My group was in Santa Fé for the second day and we woke up to do an exhausting hiking for two and half hours to a waterfall until the moment that we started to think that it was a weird way and then we realised that we were going in the wrong way. As typical teenagers we blamed the adult. Poor Bonne!

Since we ended up not being able to go to our destination we started going all the way down until a river where we stayed for a few hours to swim, which turned out to be very beautiful.
After a long day we got a ride and went back to our hostel in the back of a pickup truck where we joined another group that surprisingly was sleeping in the same place! We ended up having a big dinner (hot dogs and marshmallows) followed by a long night of loud music and games.