15-12-2017 | 2017 - 2018

Today I woke up with some people at my door singing the birthday song, it was Kiki’s birthday. After a good breakfast I went to my room with Kiki where we spent some minutes, before we went to school, to open her presents. It was a calm day of school, studying outside, on the deck with sun and some wind. At 9pm I had watch and in the beginning the sky was really pretty without clouds, but during the time that I was cleaning the toilets, clouds and wind appeared, so they needed to put some sails down and when they were doing that, it started to rain a lot. When I finished cleaning the toilets, they were all wet, and I started laughing. During the rest of the night, we put the same sail down and up, maybe six times, because the clouds were always coming, so now I do that with my eyes closed.