26-11-2017 | 2017 - 2018

The sun was shining brightly as I was enjoying the last two hours of my watch peacefully. That moment was short lived as the students started to gather around on the middle deck. I was confused. What was happening? Were we going to set some sails? Then I remembered, it was Sunday , the day we have to clean the whole ship. OH JOY! Quickly the whole group started to work on their chores. Suddenly Sam, the captain, stopped us. We gathered at the middle deck silently, oblivious of what the problem was.


Gum was found at the back of the boat stuck on something. To say that Sam was mad was an understatement. After an angry speech about the maintenance of the ship all the students that owned gum had to hand it in. A few minutes later a pile of gum had formed on the table. We sat there for an hour with no confession of who had done it. After some time we all realised that it was not just about the gum and the maintenance of the ship, it was about living together, communicating together and forming a group to work with.

An important day with an important lesson that started with a piece of gum.