Back to the sea

11-11-2017 | 2017 - 2018

Some days here start really early. That was the case today. I woke up around 7AM to go run with three professors and seven other girls. We ran for about 45 minutes on Porto Santo’s streets and it was super cool.

During the morning I had the chance to go shopping with Jelle and another SaSser. We bought fresh products on local markets and as a foreigner in School at Sea it was great to be able to understand and speak the language they were speaking (Portuguese, like on the Azores).

When I arrived in the boat I stayed to help prepare all the stuff needed so that we could leave Porto Santo after 3 days there, but right after we left the harbour I started feeling seasick again, which is the worst when it’s happening, but once it goes away you just feel like you are having the greatest time of your life.