I feel infinite

16-02-2017 | 2016 – 2017

On the 16th of February, me and my amazing group left Playa Larga. We had an amazing breakfast, with eggs, fruits, juice, coffee, milk, and lots of bread with honey.
On our way to the most touristic city of Cuba, Havana, we stopped in a crocodile farm, and, of course, bought some ice cream. Then we hit the road again.
We had three days left in Cuba, and some money left to spend. So, we tried our best to find a hostel, which required walking around Havana with our super heavy backpacks. But then, on our way to find a nice place, we met this very nice lady, that said she could help us find a good, cheap hostel to stay. She was very excited about the idea of a Brazilian, a Belgian and six Dutch students traveling together around Cuba with a 30 CUC budget for eight days. So she led us on our way to a very nice (but not that cheap) hostel. And that is where we were going to stay.
When we found the hostel, we were all so happy. But it was almost 16hr, and we hadn’t had lunch yet. So we decided to treat ourselves with some good pizza around town. We were all so hungry that we just went in the first restaurant we found that had a pizza sign on the wall. But the pizza was great! The vibe in that moment was very nice, relaxed and chill. And so was our plan for that night: going to the Beatles Café “Submarino Amarillo”!
Submarino Amarillo is an AMAZING place for Beatles fans, like myself. The walls are full with some of the most famous Beatles songs, like “Yesterday”, “Hey Jude” and, of course, “Yellow Submarine”. In the television, there were playing not only Beatles songs, like “All You Need is Love” and “Girl”, but also a lot of songs from the 80’s, and some artist I have never heard about. It was basically old rock that we were listening the whole night. But, the most exciting part was yet to come: We had live music as well!!! The band that was playing was very interesting. They were three boys and three girls: the boys had a black band t-shirt on, and they played the guitar, the drums and the basic guitar; the girls were dressing fancy, with really pretty white blouses, black skirt, beautiful dresses and high heels, and they sang and played the piano. They were different in style and in the type of music they play, but the combinations of those together blown me away, because they were able to make a pop song sound very rocky, and also a rock song sound like a pop song. The music was so nice, at some point, Meike started to move all the tables away, and me, her, Veerle, Emília and Jeroen just started dancing and singing in the middle of the café, and we didn’t care at all. It was such a fun night, full of laughs and happiness.
On board, me and several people read a very nice book called “The Perks of Being a Wall Flower”. It is the diary of Charlie, a young boy that just started high school. In a football game, he gets friends with two seniors, Sam and Patrick. And, at some point in the book, they were in a car, driving very fast in a tunnel, and Sam asks Charlie to put his head out of the car window, and so Charlie does it. He feels the wind in his hair, he look at the lights that were passing by him very fast, and he turns back to his new friends and says “I feel infinite”. I guess that is exactly how I felt that night of the 16th of February: infinite. That was my favourite day in the entire trip.