Paradise on Earth

07-01-2017 | 2016 – 2017

On the 7th of January, we visited the most incredible place you could ever think of. We visited the San Blas islands.
They have no cars. No beds, only hammocks. The streets are made of sand. The people living there are always smiling, always happy. The kids are always playing volleyball and football in the streets. And they are not scared of you; whenever they notice that you are a tourist walking in the streets, they come to talk to you. They ask what’s your name, the name of your parents, if you have a boyfriend. You can also ask about them: they will tell you that they have a lot of friends, and that they know everyone on their island. They will introduce you to their ten cousins, friends and sisters.
Everything is just so beautiful, and have this amazing vibe of happiness and chillness. Everyone is open to talk to you, and you can’t help but being open to talk to everyone too.
We also did an amazing tour around two islands with a wooden 2,5m sailing boat. Only four people can fit in the little boat: you, two other persons and the tour guide. I went there with Emília and India, good friends of mine here in the ship. We were so happy about everything, laughing all the time and taking pictures. It was the end of the afternoon, the sun was this big orange ball going down, the sky was this light blue color, without many clouds, the water was cold and crystalline, the weather was not cold neither hot. But it got to the point where we stopped talking and taking pictures, and just stand there in silence; appreciating the beauty of the ocean, of San Blas, and, specially, the beauty of that moment.
After that, we had free time till 19pm. We walked around that really small island, with 500 inhabitants. We bought some souvenirs, beautiful typical earrings of the island, some food in the small market there was, and some Coca-Cola for 1 dollar. We played football, basketball, and volleyball with the kids. We talked with them, learned their names (and of course, some Spanish too), they learned ours, we played and laugh with them, and then, It was time to go. And we promised we would come back tomorrow. I wish I could stay there forever.