The sun

03-12-2016 | 2016 – 2017

Here comes the sun and it seems to bring all kinds of amazing things. Waking up to the shining sun through the bedroom window, studying outside with centimeters between us, the dolphins and the waves… Not being happy here and now, that’s a real challenge.

With school, things fitted in. I got used to the different routine and, at sea, I feel I have school work under control. Not being at the same point as my class at home is sometimes worrying but part of this whole process and part of life is learning how to deal with it. It being the part of life that concerns, worries and frustrates us.
We’ve been away for a more than a month now. When standing on deck, with flip flops, t-shirt, shorts and sun glasses, it feels like a distant memory, those first few cold, hard, rough days, after IJmuiden. The days in which everything was about getting up for watch, living through the seasickness and falling back to deep sleep again. The days in which we used 3 layers of clothes, gloves and warm hats. It’s a peculiar feeling. Only one month has gone by – 31 days, 744 hours and a 1000 moments have gone by. The first few pages in my diary are incredibly far away but also so present and close to the present moment.

Now, in these crazy amazing days, the big words are, for me, sea, salt and sun. For the first days aboard I felt my emotions completely unbalanced, the huge uncontrolled swinging from emotion A to B. Now, there is this huge constant and real happiness coming from everywhere and floating around. It comes from a beautiful poem, a good math day, a nice shower, a good talk, a fun watch, a sunny day or a clear night.

The sun arrived already and a beautiful and extraordinary energy came with it!