Louse alarm on the Regina Maris

15-11-2016 | 2016 – 2017

Everybody was still a bit tired and exhausted of our expedition to the Teide. And then in the morning we got the news. Lice were found on board , how alarming for all the long haired girls on board, because now everyone has to get their hair combed one time per day. And the huts in which the louses were found has to get all their stuff into the dryer.

After that shock we started with school. One group went to the TEA (the public library in Santa Cruz de Tenerife), and the others stayed on the ship. It was a thing about learn types; some can learn better in the quiet, white, open library and the others need the atmosphere on the boat.

Today is the 31st day of school at sea 2016-2017, one month ago we started, we now crossed the north sea, the English channel, the gulf of Biscay, we learned how to sail, how to cook, how to bake bread and how to do our wash. The group slowly becomes like a family for me, the boat a home and school at sea my life. And still 5 months to go.