A typical normal day

29-10-2016 | 2016 – 2017

Today was a “normal day” at sea. We had breakfast at 8:00 AM and after started the Dutch class which was a very fun thing as always but I am still going very slowly.
After the Dutch class we had some free time to rest a little bit and eat some fruit. Then some of my colleagues went to the Spanish class but I had to skip the Spanish class because the captain Sam called me and five others colleagues (Sam’s little engineers) to explain how the generator and “watermaker” works because that it’s going to be one of our responsibilities on the ship. After Sam’s explanation I returned to the Spanish class.

The lunch was at 13:30h and it was really good, I had never tried “zuurkool” cooked like that.

After lunch I had Dutch class again and then it was the most fun moment of the day, the Plank Challenge. I really enjoyed it, I had tried planking before but not with the music but it’s absolutely more motivating with music. At 15:00h we had Spanish class again, we did some exercises with some of the most important verbs and then we listened to a very famous Spanish song with lyrics to fill in the gaps, a very nice way to learn Spanish and very motivating. The kitchen crew prepared a lot of small cubes of fresh melon and then all of us had a break to eat melon outside and enjoying the amazing view. One of the best moments of today were the dolphins at 18:00h. We have seen a lot of dolphins in the last three days.


*Jorge is one of the students form the Azores.