To be back home

23-03-2016 | 2015 - 2016

(Even though the Regina Maris is not yet home; two of our students were home for a week after five months School at Sea. Bartoloméu and Júlia are from the Azores and this is a stop for School at Sea. Their parents and friends gave them and the rest of our students a super warm welcome on Faial.)

It’s so strange to be back home. It’s completely amazing to see again my parents and friends, that I almost forgot during three months, a feeling that I can’t explain. Martin allowed me to go sleep at home one night. Doing the way back home in a car is like travelling into the past. When I arrived it was almost night, but I was seeing everything in a different way. I went to my room, and I don’t know what happened  but it’s three times bigger. Having dinner with the four people that I had dinners for more than sixteen years it’s so different than in the ship and before! I started valueing everything that I have at home more than before (probably because of all the places that we have been). The time that I had with my family couldn’t have been better. I went to sleep early because I was quite tired because of the twelve days at sea. I woke up at six in the morning and I understood that I was sleeping and having a dream for five months.