Goodbye Matthias

16-12-2015 | 2015 - 2016

This two months that we had Matthias on board were two months where we learned a LOT! With his good mood and funny way of teaching, Matthias taught us a lot about how to cook and how to be in a kitchen. Matthias taught us how to use our strong competences in the kitchen and the multiple ways of working in some points that are not that developed yet.

It all starts with the planning: How much time do we need? What amount? Do we have everything on board? When it comes to putting the theory in action, It’s  mportant that we stick to our planning. However if something goes wrong, Matthias also taught us how to improvise using our creativity and the ability to deal with stress. And last, but not least – cleaning! We learned how to clean in an organized way, hoe to split the tasks between the kitchen crew and how to do it fast but efficiently. Matthias helped us in our development as cooks, but, most of all, Matthias helped us grow as individuals.

I’m really glad for having had the chance to learn with this experienced cook and, in name of the whole group, I want to thank Matthias for all the happiness, knowledge and wise words that he passed us.