Ilha de Sao Antao

30-11-2015 | 2015 - 2016

Ilha de Sao Antao is, I’m sure, one of the best places I ever visited. When we arrived in the small village there were a lot of people doing a lot of things. All the people were really interested in showing us their life style: the only problem was that no one spoke English, so because of that me and JĂșlia translated a lot.

The first thing during the visit was their school. When they are young, they have six years of school. The school is open five days a week and the subjects are Potuguese, math and science. There are ten rules for the students, the most beautiful one says that you can only fish after 5 pm.

The next step was the electricity station. All the electricity comes from the sun. There are solar panels that catch enough energy for the whole village. This makes them really proud of themselves.

It was Sunday, the party day. We went to a house with loud music and people of all ages dancing. Half of the people were really young. I wish one day I could dance like them. In the end we went to the boat and I invited the people of the taxi boats to dinner with us. I think that at first they were thinking that I was joking, but when they believed me I saw an is this a question? in their faces: of course they wanted to have dinner with us! After the dinner we went to swim all together. It was really gezellig!