Cleaning problem

21-02-2018 | 2017 - 2018

It was supposed to be a school day and also a store day. When we were doing school, most of the people like me were writing our SaSstory.

After lunch we started with the stores, but I needed to put up the nets with some others. Didn’t take that much time to do that, so when I finished I start doing “school” again.

The problem of the day was at 18h00 we needed to go to the middle deck to clean. But we didn’t start with cleaning. First some of the students started discussing because some people didn’t agree about the way we were cleaning. Some people wanted to do a big cleaning every two weeks, another two times a week, another wanted the watch to clean more… Most of the things that they said, I didn’t understand but the only thing that I know is that it was a waste of our times because in the end nothing changed.