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18-01-2018 | 2017 - 2018

I woke up in my hammock with the sound of rain and thunder storm. Some people were already making the breakfast. It was bread and coconut. Sam and Jelle left us for two hours so when we saw them, we put everything in our bags, all plastic we put in a big bag and went back to the ship, but first we took a last swim on the island. Because of the rain the water was really warm.

Back on the ship again it was the time to clean everything to be shure nothing would bring sand inside (the ship almost looked like a beach). When everything was clean I took a shower and put my clothes to wash.

We started sailing (we tried but there was no wind, so we had to put on the motor) when everything was done and I had watch from one to five. When I was steering Sam came and he started steering, I thought: what is happening? Jelle was trying catch tuna (they were jumping out of the water) but the tuna was smarter than him.

We arrived in Panama at 10 o’clock in the night but I was already sleeping.