Heading to Dominica

20-12-2017 | 2017 - 2018

We are in our second day of the scheepsovername. Today it was a normal day but somehow I loved it more than the other days. My favourite part today was, after being able to eat Nutella which only happens once a week, waking up and seeing everyone working seriously on their jobs. If we did a round on deck we could see the Bootsman and the Stuurman working without stopping, the kitchen duty sweating from the hard work, the captain always focused and every other person doing their tasks like they never did before. We could see the satisfaction and happiness on their faces and for me, seeing that made me so happy. I find it incredible how the attitude of 34 teenagers can change with the simple words “She is yours”.
However, after the long day that all of us had, most of the people who didn’t had a shift in that moment joined in the Salon and then we had MOVIE NIGHT which felt great.