Horse riding in Viñales

17-02-2016 | 2015 - 2016

On the third day of the eigen reis my group decided to do horse riding. We arranged with the owner of the horses (a young man, around 20 years old with a cowboy hat) to start at nine AM after breakfast. There were ten horses, and he decided the people for the horses according to our size, (my horse was not so big). The man had a big English knowledge (he knew how to say “left” and “right”), so I had to translate. First we went to the “mirador”: a really nice place where we could have a nice view of Viñales. After that, we went to a cigars factory, the place where they said that they made the cigars for Fidel Castro. They explained everything about how they make it, and the characteristics of the tobacco. Then we went to a place where they make coffee, where we had a tour were everything was explained. After the tour, on the way to a lagoon, some people were not understanding why we were, since the beginning, still walking with the horses. So I asked if we could gallop, and he said “obviously”. Some of us went galloping until the lagoon. That made the horses really tired, and mine was with the head down and breathing like they had crossed all of Cuba. So after the lagoon we had to do the rest walking, because of the tired horses.