Bermuda College

13-03-2014 | 2013 - 2014

When we arrived in Hamilton, we had a lot of time left before our bus in Hamilton would leave for Bermuda College – so everyone was allowed to take off and we had to be back at the bus station at 13:00.

I´d spent my time together with Rona. We went to the post office, because I wanted to send my letters away. We were very surprised, because the post office in Hamilton is very pretty and made out of wood. After spending our time walking/jumping on one leg, this time Aysha joined me; eating fresh fruit and buying souvenirs, our group ultimately met at the bus station. Almost everyone bought a Bermuda sweater in different colors. So our group looked like we had a uniform…

After a ten-minute bus ride to Bermuda College, we were welcomed by a very nice professor who gave us a lecture about the financial system of Bermuda. I found it very interesting; I think no one ever got my full attention for two and a half hours before!

After the lecture, our group walked back to Hamilton. A Bermudan woman offered to drive Aysha and myself back to St. George´s. It started to rain very bad as soon as we arrived at the ship. So we decided to go to a café – which was very nice – while the others spent their time in Hamilton.

In the evening everyone had free time, so the majority went to get some WiFi to contact our families. Most of us went to bed very early because the day was very nice but exhausting.

Greetings from Bermuda,

See you soon,