Eat, sleep, repeat

26-02-2018 | 2017 - 2018

The most (and probably only) boring day I had during this four months in School at Sea, what can I say about it?
I was supposed to have kitchen duty but things didn’t go as planned. We are sailing to Bermuda which means we are getting to the cold weather and of course I had to get sick, a shame…
Sander and Sam replaced me in the kitchen, the watch went out without me and I spent the entire day laying in my bed trying to recover and meanwhile complaining that I was dying, just to be extra.
It felt like a painful vacation day, painful for being sick but on the other side, I didn’t have to do anything and people would come to my room trying to make me laugh, give me food, drink and at one point Iris said “You H-A-V-E to go outside, we can see MIAMIII” which automatically made me feel so much better that I ran outside. And that was one day out of the typical routine.