Cabo Verde – Sao Vicente

27-11-2016 | 2016 – 2017

S. Vicente is a very beautiful island and we had great moments there even though we weren’t there for long. I especially enjoyed today and I’m glad I get to write about it now.
The 27th was an amazing day. It started super well with us sassers waking up later than usual, around nine thirty and having yogurt that we now eat every other day for breakfast.
Following this relaxed morning came the time to get more serious and, as predicted, came the time for tests.

Everyone was supposed to accomplish two tests unless they didn’t have them. Most sassers had to do one test in the morning and another in the afternoon, after lunch.
Because it was really good weather, there was a lot of noise. We had worked well on our first tests and then we were blessed with the gift of not having to make the second test and going to the beach. And this was what happened. We went to a very nice beach nearby with shell sand where we spent all afternoon swimming, searching shells, playing and tanning until sundown.
We came back to the ship in little groups and, when everyone was present, we had dinner and movie night. We also received a chance to call home and talk to our family since it was the last day before departure and the big crossing.

For me, and probably for some others too, this was one of the best days here in School at Sea, it was more or less a preparation and goodbye to land and it made us all in a good mood. Perfect for preparing us for two weeks at sea. Thank you for a day full of treats and surprises.