Meet up weekend

Meet up weekend

Living together with 35 other young people for six months is quite the challenge, especially when you don’t have a lot of room. That’s why School at Sea organises a meet up weekend to meet the other candidates and the team.

Are we a match?

Having a balanced group is very important when you are living together under conditions like this. At sea, we have to be able to count on eachother, especially during squalls or other tense situations. During the meet up weekend you will meet the other candidates and experience the methods we use on board.

During your Fundraising Track, you will be invited for one of the meet up weekend. There you will take the next step to boarding our ship together with the others and our team. You will discuss your motivation with us, but there is also room to talk about any doubts you or we might have.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What can you teach the group and what can you learn from the group? It is also a check to see if you are on track to boarding the ship in October.

We will evaluate how you interact with the group and how the group behaves as a whole. Maybe you will not feel a connection with everyone, but on board that does not matter. You are a team and no single person can sail the ship on their own. Cooperation is a very important skill!