Before boarding

Before boarding

Choosing to join School at Sea has a big impact. Are you up to the challenge of being away from home for six months? Of being completely responsible for your own homework? And how will you raise the necessary funds?

School at Sea is much more than six months on board of a tall ship learning to sail and doing homework. Your personal development and growth start a year before boarding, during the Fundraising Track. School at Sea helps you (and your parents) with this big first step. Then, step by step, you are prepared for boarding our ship. And it doesn’t stop then, because on board your growth continues. That means that joining School at Sea means working on your personal development for (over) 1,5 years!

Information session
The information session is your first encouter with us and the School at Sea project. You will learn what boarding for six months really means and you are able to ask any questions you might have.

Fundraising Track
School at Sea requires a large financial contribution. Yet joining us is available to everyone, because of our Fundraising Track. You will learn to use your personal talents to gather the funds for your journey with School at Sea.

Meet up weekend
Thiis weekend is an thorough meet up with the other candidates, the way School at Sea operates and the School at Sea team.